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Telecom Support Services

JBER, Alaska

Ahtna has a proven track record with the Alaska Army National Guard (AKARNG), known for exceeding the Government’s expectations through responsiveness, technical capabilities, and quality performance. As a preferred contractor for the AKARNG, Ahtna Global was contracted to provide telecommunication support services for the Network Enterprise Center (NEC), AKARNG, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), AK, through February of 2023.

This contract encompasses information technology (IT) services in the execution of NEC’s broad and diverse mission to provide uninterrupted IT operations for the AKARNG. These services include automation, telecommunication, networking, system administration, database management, help desk support, and management of base operations.

The AKARNG network consists of more than 50 locations statewide and consists of: 1,000 email accounts; 1,200 domain accounts; 1,050 workstations; 64 servers (43 virtual); network objects (routers, access points, and switches); wide area networks (WANs); 2,500 phone lines (VoIP, Digital, Analog, and ISDN); 7 distant learning classrooms; 15 video teleconference rooms; 210 Blackberries; 30MiFi; 200 Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR) VHF radios; 30 iridium satellite phones; 5 portable satellite systems; 1 commercial network (access points); 2 classified systems; and high frequency radio systems and associated mobile and fixed antenna systems.

By providing these services, the NEC management team remains unencumbered, allowing for technical implementation and long-term planning for the AKARNG.