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Management & Data Analyst Support Services

JBER, Alaska

Ahtna has a proven track record with the Alaska Army National Guard (AKARNG), known for exceeding the Government’s expectations through responsiveness, technical capabilities, and quality performance. As a preferred contractor for the AKARNG, Ahtna Global was contracted to provide non-personal services for the Network Enterprise Center (NEC), AKARNG, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), AK, through August of 2020.

This contract encompasses clerical, technical, and analytical services in the execution of NEC’s broad and diverse mission to facilitate operational requirements in accordance with Army regulations for purchasing. These services monitor projects, prepare documentation, and reconcile all actions to fulfill regulatory requirements for all contract purchase acquisitions through the United States Purchasing and Financial Office of Purchasing and Contracting (USPFOP-C).

The output generated takes on many forms, such as maintaining and/or creating spreadsheets/tables that provide accurate tracking of voucher distribution; budget execution; project timeline reporting; data collection for manpower studies; product review reporting, initial document preparation, memorandums, reports, presentations, and record retention maintenance.

By providing these services, the NEC management team remains unencumbered, allowing for technical implementation and long-term planning for the AKARNG. These efficiencies allow NEC to maintain audit readiness and compliance with complex regulatory requirements in the area of contract acquisitions and record management.