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FAA Boron Facility Long Range Surveillance Radar HVAC Replacement

Boron, CA

Ahtna Environmental, Inc., (Ahtna) was contracted to replace the air conditioning systems which required mechanical and electrical system renovations to the fifth floor. Additionally, minor mechanical improvements were required on the fourth floor, where the life-critical equipment is located.
Rainfall caused rapid surges in the creek during construction work, dismantling fish fences and pumps and affecting excavation areas. To maintain traffic flow in at least one highway lane, Ahtna had to build a bypass road and place flaggers to ensure traffic safety through the work zone.
The Ahtna team diverted the creek with two 6-inch pumps and left one lane open to traffic. By the time Ahtna excavated the roadway to install the new culvert, we had to build a bypass road to offset approximately 40 feet from the existing road embankment.
Typical of mountainous streams, the creek flows vary greatly depending on rainfall. Generally, the flows were low but during heavy rain events, the creek would turn into a river. On most projects, streambed material is manufactured per specification. Ahtna was able to salvage streambed material instead of importing the stream substrate. This saved the project both time and money.
The team worked 12-hour days to stay within the fast-track schedule, and completed the project three weeks ahead of schedule.