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Environmental Remedial Action & Investigation

Moses Point, Alaska

The Moses Point Station is located on the north shore of Norton Bay, in western Alaska. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) leases approximately 134 acres of land from the Elim Native Corporation, which is currently uninhabited.

The Moses Point Station consisted of one runway, one taxiway, associated buildings, fuel storage facilities, and a dump. The FAA has not used the station since 1972 and all buildings and facilities have been decommissioned, with the exception of the Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Radio-Range (VOR) and nondirectional beacon (NDB) facilities.

Past investigations and actions determined a need for additional remedial actions and subsequent investigations. As a contractor of choice for the FAA, Ahtna Global was contracted to perform the actions necessary to achieve FAA’s cleanup effort.

The project objectives, accomplished by Ahtna Global, included the following actions:

  • Removal of 2,065 cubic yards of contaminated soil and 10 tons of debris from nine areas of concern (AOCs). Contaminants included fuel hydrocarbons, lead, and PCBs.
  • Investigation of possible soil and/or groundwater contamination at nine AOCs.
  • Collect groundwater samples from 19 existing monitoring wells and new monitoring wells installed during the site investigation.