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Demolition, Site Investigation & Remedial Action

Yakutat, Alaska

Yakutat lies at the east end of Monti Bay, approximately 210 miles northwest of Juneau, AK. The airport property was withdrawn from the Tongass National Forest in 1943 to construct an airport and related facilities. The airport facilities were transferred to the State of Alaska in 1966, with limited facilities and land retained by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In an effort to clean up non-operational facilities and associated environmental contaminants, the FAA has determined a need for demolition, site investigation, and remedial action activities at various sites in Yakutat, AK. Activities included demolition of the Range Building, the remaining northeast and southeast range towers, the direction finder, and all associated infrastructure; a release investigation at the Range facilities; and a remedial action at former Shop Building 607.

Contaminants encountered on site included diesel fuel and lead. Ahtna successfully removed and disposed of all contaminants encountered on site.

Ahtna Global successfully completed all objectives on time, within budget, and with zero safety incidents.