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Comprehensive Site Evaluation Phase II, Former Galena FOL

Galena, Alaska

Ahtna Environmental, Inc. (Ahtna) performed a Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) Supplemental Comprehensive Site Evaluation (CSE) Phase II for the investigation of suspected munitions response areas (MRAs) at the former Galena Forward Operating Location (FOL), in Galena, Alaska. The CSE process provides the historical, anecdotal, visual, analytical, and geophysical data to support U.S. Air Force (USAF) decision-making regarding follow-on munitions response actions. The objective was to obtain sufficient data to determine whether further munitions response actions are required at each MRA. The project goal was to support the USAF in properly documenting site closure under the MMRP and in accordance with CERCLA.

The Supplemental CSE Phase II was conducted in two stages. The first stage involved digital geophysical mapping (DGM) data collection at the Hot Cargo Pad, Demolition (OB/OD) – Parcel D, and Former Ammunition Storage Building 1400, which was conducted by a previous contractor in 2012. In 2014, the Ahtna team performed the second stage, which consisted of processing the DGM data to identify subsurface anomalies potentially representing munitions of concern (MECs). We also performed intrusive investigations of the DGM-selected anomalies and analog investigations of the Rocket Shipping Container Site and the Former T-550 Ammunition Storage Building.

Because no munitions constituents (MCs) sources were identified in the MRAs during the Supplemental CSE Phase II, no potential for release of MCs exists. Based on analysis of data collected by the CSE, including the Supplemental CSE Phase II, no further action was recommended for all MRAs. Ahtna achieved site closure in 2015.